Telesummit & VA
Mieke has managed 2 summits for me and she is absolutely amazing! She is completely reliable, trustworthy and organized. I don’t know how she does it but she seems to always responds to my messages right away and we don’t even live in the same time zone. My summits have gone amazingly well due to Mieke’s skills. I cannot recommend Mieke highly enough! Elisabeth Scheffer -
I did make the mistake to go with a local guy to set up the summit technicalities, when halfway it turned out he was overwhelmed with it, leaving me kind of stranded. Mieke was the one helping me out - and she really was already loaded with work. She helped me out despite all that and it was just an outstanding experience working with her! She’s super fast, she’s direct, precise in what she needs and she gets work done like in no time. There is no doubt I will use her services next time from the get go! And she’s fun to work with. Love her! Miriam Fratianni -
Mieke is awesome!! She is reliable, professional and dependable. She always goes above and beyond and I know she has my best interests at heart. Knowing that she has my back relieves so much stress and anxiety. I could not run my online business without her. I have referred her to many colleagues and all my private clients! Mieke truly cares and that is priceless. Jane Lorenz, Founder of La Dolce Vita Coaching -
This was my first summit and though I felt so overwhelmed with all the pieces, gratefully Mieke broke down the steps and took care of all the technical aspects. She made sure we were moving forward along on schedule. she has a very easy going manner yet very task oriented -- a very refreshing combination. I really enjoyed working with her. Putting together a summit is no easy task! Maria Carbonell -
I began to work with Mieke and Virtual Assistants USA after she had been highly recommend to me. Mieke’s great expertise, kindness and efficiency helped me to excel in an area I had up to that point no experience with, running an online summit. Organising such an interview series for the first time is quite a challenge. However, Mieke’s excellent support throughout made it fun and my wings began to grow. After only a very short time of working with MIeke I knew that I could totally trust her to run the show elegantly, and she certainly did. I wish Mieke and Virtual Assistants USA every glitter-sweating success possible. Charlotte Common - Happiness Designer
facebookshareimageWorking with Mieke, was a pleasure from the beginning. From her quick turn around on projects, to her relentless interaction when needed, I felt like I had honest, open support every step of the way! If you are looking for a hard working, reliable and integral individual to help you with building your business, Mieke is your girl! Paula Galli -
facebookshareimageI've been working with Mieke at Virtual Assistants USA for two years now.  In that time she has helped me grow my list to by 2,000 subscribers and literally saved a major launch from disaster, created successful outcomes for several other technical and complicated campaigns and helped me to stay organized on-track and on time. This company has never dropped the ball on me and they have always been prompt and clear with communication. I trust Mieke and her company to treat my clients and my business like they were her own.  Tia Kelly -
Cornbleet_Headshot-5Mieke is the best virtual assistant I could hope for. From telesummits, to landing pages, to video series, to any administrative task you can think of, she has taken hundreds of hours of work off my plate, which has helped me grow my business quickly and given me peace of mind. She's also 100% reliable and quick to respond to all my requests. Working with her has been a lifesaver. Jennifer Cornbleet - raw food chef and instructor -
unnamedMieke van Son at Virtual Assistants USA really made our telesummit work! Her attention to detail made everything flow nicely. We also appreciated the depth of her experience,  her helpfulness, and professional attitude. You're in good hands with VAUSA. Genny LaMorgan,
melissaleblanc-headshotMieke and her team have been a Godsend. She had been flexible and has worked with me around some pretty crazy time sensitive issues. Her team is professional & caring. She has been a big staple in my business being a success. Melissa LeBlanc CEO|Healing For Wholeness, Intuitive Success Coach, Energy Practitioner -
melissaAiudiMieke is an incredible woman.  She is proficient, precise and prompt every time I interact with her.  She knows her business and does an excellent job of keeping me organized, informed and timely on every project.  I love Mieke, she is truly a personal and professional treasure! Melissa Aiudi
carrieWhere do I start? Organized, patient, and kind while being precises and focused at the same time. The stars aligned when they put Mieke in the middle my path. She can obviously support every level of engagement. I needed a tremendous amount of guidance for the my first video summit and she walked me through each step. While colleagues of mine, far more experienced then I, continue to be impresses with her skills set. She has helped me bring my business to the next level. I would highly recommend Mieke as a virtual assistant. Carrie Chacon owner and creator of SNAC -
Signature1Mieke is simple an angel and a gift that you give to your business! Mieke is efficient, effective and extremely thorough with all of the work she provides for you. What I love best about working with Mieke is the trust I have in her to not do a good job but an excellent one. She continues to astound me with her knowledge and support in all the areas she provides assistance with. I am eternally grateful for her and her team. ~Malaine Schmid - Founder Maison de Lumiere - Spiritual Guide/Coach and Manifesting Alchemist -
socailshareMieke at virtual assistants was fantastic, not only efficient/lovely to deal with/helpful (even when it was a question & her services when she was booked out for my summit)/IT savy and clever, she was also motivating when I was struggling to get things to her on time. I highly recommend to anyone seeking a great VA  - Katrina Dwyer
divorasternheadETHICAL, YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD WiTH HER, BILLS by the minute.I have used Mieke as my primary VA for several years now. What I appreciate most is her willingness to charge by the minute. You get a partial hours billing on any small job. Additionally, not only is she honest & reliable, but consistent. As in the title, it's not any VA that you can give your credit card to or your password to your Paypal account if you change your "Buy Now" buttons, so she can come & go in your Paypal account freely. Yes TRUST with a VA & your business in my opinion is HUGE! I can trust her with everything. She is steadfast and reliable. I would refer anyone to Mieke, she is a bargin at the price she charges. - Divora Stern -
socialgraphimageMieke was a lifesaver for me! She answered every question that I had and was very efficient. I felt like I was her only client. I even accidentally inconvenienced her a couple of times because of my bad timing and she made it all work out. She is the one to hire if you want you things done the right way the first time! Kristi Paskett
logoexitcoachMieke's always responsive and gets the job done!  Simple as that! Bradley Thomas,
 1480575_726731007377203_571104949_nMieke has been working for me for serval years already as a virtual assistant. I can recommend her to anyone who is looking for a reliable, hard working and accurate VA. Daisy Goddijn -
1527138_10152657069473265_1995383958_nI really needed some help and a client referred me to Mieke.  Although her actual expertise is putting together tele-summits, she also offers VA services.  While I worked with her she was really on the ball. Patient if I had questions, efficient with the work she did and on time with things I needed without giving me a hassle when I sent something at the last minute.  I would recommend anyone looking for tele-summit or VA services to work with Mieke. -  Hazel Palache.
nikolgreenMieke has been my lifesaver as I am building my business and helped me run a very successful and smooth Video Summit.  She also held my hand as I learned my first three-part video series, and my first webinar.  I can’t recommend her and her team enough.  She cares deeply about her work, and goes the extra mile to create really beautiful websites.  I received a lot of feedback from my summit audience about the actual look of the pages, and I have Mieke to thank for it.  It’s been a great relief to know I have the support needed to create a professional and seamless product. Nikol Peterman -
shareimageMy experience with Mieke has been excellent.  When I first began working with her it was for my first telesummit.  She was very helpful since many things I had never done before.  Because of her support my telesummit went off with flying colors.  There were no glitches and she knew how to do so many things that I had no clue about.  She has continued to set up my blog and emails that go out each week.  I would recommend Mieke for any VA support you may need.  She is very responsive and thorough. Deborah Morehead -

laurabastion-150x150Professional, Hard Working and Eager to Learn

I have worked with Mieke on several projects. Not only is Mieke A professional, hard worker, she is eager to learn.  She works In a timely and accurate manner.  And she is not afraid to ask Questions when needed. I highly recommend her services, and I will Be using her on several future projects. tel: 231-335-3050. Laura Bastion - A Half Pint Company

trendsitter-publishing-logo-150x150Mieke is Bright, Competent and Scrupulously Honest

Wilhelmina van Son (Mieke) has worked for me on numerous internet related projects over the last 4 months. I have found her to be an excellent virtual assistant. When you are hiring someone who is not physically located in the same place as you are, the chances of you getting someone who is both honest and competent are slim. Mieke turned out to be that person. She is bright, competent and scrupulously honest. She not only takes on any project you have, she completes it on time and often suggests ways to make it more profitable. I would highly recommend Mieke for your virtual need. Tel: (651) 433-2000 Michael Moffitt - Referral Resources Center

Always Delivered Promptly and Accurately

February 8, 2012 - I have had the pleasure of working with Mieke van Son for the last three years. As a Virtual Assistant she has been responsible for literally every facet of my internet marketing business which includes online and offline (small business) assignments. In that time, I have come to regard Mieke as a friend as well as a freelancer. Her work has been excellent. Always delivered promptly and accurately. My family has been trying to get me to retire for several years and I've finally decided to yield to their requests. You would be well served to take advantage of Mieke's unique talents for your business. If you have any questions regarding Mieke, please don't hesitate to call me at (651) 433-2000. Mike Moffitt - Trendsitter Publishing

Telesummit Testimonials

ChristyTryhusTimely and Knowledgeable

Mieke is fantastic. I highly recommend her VA services. She is very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining what I needed to know about the technology and handling what I did not need to know about for my tele-summit.  She is very timely in projects and helped me out in a huge jam - Mieke to the rescue. I will be having her help me on future projects - she is a true gem! Christy Tryhus - Simply Balanced Coaching

BernieBrownGreat Technical Experience

Mieke stepped in after I was left without a VA and about to start my first telesummit. Thankfully she professionally took over, asked what I wanted and kept me informed every step of the way. She helped me understand certain technicalities I didn't have experience with and has been a great teacher as well as an excellent VA. I am over the moon with my website which people have commented looks professional yet friendly and easy to use and that is all down to Mieke. Great Job and will continue to use her services! Bernie Brown - 4 Dog Enterprises

CarmenJohnsonA Diamond of a Find!

Mieke was extremely pro-active, very intuitive about my needs and goals, extremely quick response time....nothing ever hung "un-answered" Just a fabulous experience:-)  Virtual Assistants USA is a diamond of a find! Don't want to say that and have them get so busy that they no longer have time for me..but it's the right thing to do! Carmen Johnson - The Healthy Kids Revolution

DianeMarieQuick, Efficient and a Pleasure to Work With

Mieke was a lifesaver to me. Her expertise on setting up my telesummit was a tremendous help to me and she supported me throughout the whole event. She was on top of everything that needed to be done, reminding me of things that I still needed to get to her and she handled all this with the utmost professional attitude.

She even came to my rescue one Saturday evening when my site when down unexpectedly and got it back up. It was during a crucial period of promotion for my telesummit and no one was able to sign up due to some little weird thing that happened.

She was working on it at 10:30 pm on a Sat. night no less. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and still have her doing VA work for me. Thank you Mieke, you are an angel in disguise to me! Diane Marie - Authentic Clarity Coaching
PaulaGalliPersonable, Reliable and Time EfficientMieke was very personable, reliable and time efficient. I loved that i felt like I had someone supporting me along the way as well as someone I could count on to get everything done. Regardless what I threw at her Mieke was always there with a positive attitude to help!  Mieke Listened to Everything I Asked For and Made it All Come Together When I Needed it Done. Paula Galli - Fall In Love With Yourself

SherylMillerThorough, Punctual & Professional

Mieke is a pleasure to work with. She meets deadlines with excellence,integrity & compassion. She goes the extra mile to get everything done.  She is on your team and very communicative. I recommend her services highly.  Sheryl Miller - Energy Matters

KarieMillspaughVery Professional and Friendly!

Working with Mieke was Like Having Your Best Buddy on Your Team! Happy to have found Mieke…a true gem! She gives me reassurance that I can tackle any online marketing project from now on. Mieke is amazing! very professional and friendly! What did you find most useful about your experience with Virtual Assistants USA? Knowing that I can obtain outside help without the hassle or headache of interviewing or hiring anyone Were your goals and needs acknowledged? More than my expectations were achieved. Karie Millspaugh - Abundant Living

oDesk / Upwork Testimonials

Cooperative, Responsive, and Eager

Project Coordinator - Project 1 Mieke was cooperative, responsive, and eager.  Job duties for this particular assignment (scheduling, QA) were above and beyond her previous experience, and she strove to meet the challenge.  She is highly trainable and responsible. Project Coordinator - Project 2 There was some difficulty in completing this task due to connectivity issues and improper training on my part.  Overall, Mieke is an excellent worker and I look forward to working with her again on other projects. Virtual Office Coordinator Mieke is honest and hard working. Product Assistant You can always rely on Mieke to execute any administrative duties that are thrown her way. Administrative Support Mieke is one of the hardest working and responsible people I have ever met. Sue Kim - Keellabs

Mieke is Diligent and Thorough

Mieke was very diligent and thorough with the assignment. She even updated my formatting to make the end product more user friendly. She also provided the resources necessary to take my project one step further.  This was my first experience with a VA and I have to say that it was incredible! Marcus Smith - Lane Smith Group

Yelp testimonials

I Enjoy Working for Mieke

I started working for Mieke van Son 2 years ago (2009) She is a virtual assistant and she teaches me a lot. When I started working on the computer I didn't know much. I knew how to turn the computer on and off but that was it. She showed me how to use the computer, how to set up the basics for a WordPress site, Data entry and now she's is teaching me how to work with social media and how to set it up right. I enjoy working for Mieke. Saskia van Son - Virtual Assistants USA

Mieke Will Never Let You Down

I'm Berdine van Wijk and have a Thuiswerkcentrale, work from home center, for the last 20 years. Mieke was one of my first employees and worked for me for 5 years. My business is one of a nonstop thing, no 8 to 5 mentality, and she understood and made my business even grow faster through all the energy she puts into it. Also, she's great in motivating co-workers and made them all feel like we where one big family. Too bad I had to let her go when she started up a business for her self, but on the other hand, she's a great value for those who need a hardworking, accurate, and trustworthy person to rely on. 'Cannot' is not in her dictionary, what she doesn't know yet, she will know the next time. Great person who will never let you down once you have her commitment. Berdine van Wijk - Thuiswerk Centrale van Wijk & Co.

Mieke Will Do Well in Anything

I'm Paul D. Birnell. I own D&M Construction and Landscaping. Mieke van Son worked for me about 2 years. Now she didn't know much about the job when she came to work for me but when she was taught something she didn't forget. Mieke never missed a day at work. She, (in no time) became my most valuable employee. Whether it's seal-coating drive ways, or putting up drywall in a house, I could send her out and know the job got done right. She is missed . I know she'll do well in anything she puts her mind to do! Paul Birnell - D&M Seal-Coating

LinkedIn Testimonials

Mieke is Very Helpful and Professional

I was fortunate to have worked with Mieke. She is very helpful and professional. She is the Founder - Owner - CEO and Virtual Assistant at Virtual Assistants USA. Robel Ramos

Mieke Was Highly Cooperative

Mieke is a talented professional with good communication skills. We worked on a project for Mieke which was primarily regarding some technical issues in the mobile version of a website.  Mieke was highly cooperative and was able to communicate quickly and regularly. She was good at explaining the issues and the requirements, and did her best to get us started in a nice manner. We enjoyed working with her and we would surely like to work with her again. Syed Irfan Ajmal
paresh-bafna-150x150I first became familiar with Mieke via mutual networking circles. We've since gotten to know one another a little better . She has a great work ethic and is very dedicated to her business and the Virtual Assistant profession as a whole. I have no reservations recommending Mieke to assist with growing your business. Paresh Bafna - Paresh Bafna

Outstanding Work and On-Time Delivery

Mieke is a very good web researcher that I've worked with several times. She performs outstanding work and on-time delivery. She's also very flexible and brings good value to the business relation. Niklas Hammarström - Test Freaks

Mieke is Clear in Her Communication

Mieke is clear in her communication, simple direct and to the point. Her work as Virtual assistant is very good and she can be trusted to manage businesses. Gijs Starre - Green Growth

Smart, Professional, and Ethical

Mieke van Son has been an integral part of level 343 re-organization process. She took on more work than needed in order to insure the job was done. Smart, professional, and ethical I wouldn't dream of using anyone else with our personal & business accounts. Gabriella Sannino - Level343

English to Dutch Website Translation

Mieke translated a website from English to Dutch. She did a perfect job in record time. Her knowledge of HTML made integration easier than hoped for. Highly recommended. Martyn Walker - Walkers Software
Mieke is an extremely detail oriented and energetic person. She asks the right questions to be able to deliver results. If she sets her mind to do something I have no doubt that it will be done. She is a very impressive and admirable person. Ashley Reason - Harris Bank

Mieke is an Incredible VA

Mieke is an incredible VA. She completed the task in an extremely short time period while providing a high quality product. She even went above and beyond to provide resources for future projects. March 1, 2010. Marcus Smith - Lane Smith Group

Mieke is Timely, Hard-Working and Reliable

Mieke did very nice work for my company over the several months that we needed her help. She was timely, hard-working and reliable, an excellent value and choice for our needs at the time. I recommend her. January 16, 2013 Chris Brinkman - TNL Global, Inc

English to Dutch Translation

Mieke translated a number of websites and articles from English to Dutch for us. She also wrote advertisements and did an excellent job in a short amount of time. I hired Mieke for multiple assignments and will certainly hire her again. June 18, 2009 Yevgeniy Leshchinskiy - Graphic World LLC

Digital Marketing Project Management

Mieke is very professional and dependable and has done very high quality work with very little lead time for us. January 16, 2013 Volney Spalding - BrightEdge

Guru Testimonials

Mieke is a Great Person to Work with

Wilhelmina is a great person to work with! Great writing skill and the speed of implementation is awesome! I do not hesitate to contact her again! Thanks again Wilhelmina for your assistance. Robert-Jan Hendriks - Optimale Gezondheid - eBedrijf

GetaFreelancer Testimonials

Mieke is Extremely Organized

I spent almost no time explaining what I wanted from her. She seemed to almost grasp it intuitively. She did the work four times faster than I could ever have anticipated. And, she did it flawlessly. She was extremely organized and came up with suggestions on how to improve on my concept. Definite A++++ I will be using her for all my data entry work moving forward. Gabriella Sannino - Level343

Enthusiastic and Hard Working

Mieke has taken on my project with a degree of enthusiasm I have been unable to find in any other 'freelancer'. What started as a limited project, with a defined set of criteria to be completed, has opened into a working relationship I hope will continue for many years. Mike Moffitt - Trendsitter Publishing

A Reliable Business Partner

Look at her profile. Look at her feedback. When was the last time you came across a person who really truly believed in honesty and hard work? I could sense a reliable business partner in her almost instantly. I'm so thrilled with her communication, dedication and performance. Wait a minute! I can't be too nice in my review because I DON'T WANT YOU TO HIRE HER Then, she might become too busy and not available for my future projects! Thanks Mieke. SuccessChamber

Very Hard Worker

Excellent provider. Very hard worker. Everything was done on time and as agreed. Minor mid project modifications were taken care off momentarily. Will definitely hire again. Oleg Mikhailov